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With the iepco softblasting technology polluted elastomers and plastic materials can be cleaned selective, porosities deep, dry, abrasive-free and without chemistry in a few minutes. Deposits in form cavities, polluted extruder and casting screws and squirted hot runners can be cleaned easily.

Microblasting Equipment MICROPEEN 950 ZP/ ZPD with pressure water jet system

Because of a special mix of blasting material the surfaces of the base material are not modified or damaged with the softblasting process. The original surface topography are preserved, also with textured base materials.


Partly by softblasting cleaned extruder screw, without damaging of the polished surface.


  • abrasive-free cleaning
  • no thermal damage of components or form tools
  • no solvent needed
  • reproducible cleanness
  • environmentally friendly

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