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Microblasting is a dry, ultrafine blasting process, whereby various blasting agents with accurately defined nominal grain sizes and grain geometries are shot onto the surface of the workpiece by means of air pressure. In this way, the micro topography of the surface is selectively affected.

The surfaces are being cleaned, removed from textures, densified and if necessary tribologically actively modified. In this way the quality of multiple materials will be improved considerably. Wear, friction and corrosion can be optimized, the surfaces become even more suitable for ejection and removing purposes and the possibility of contamination decreases.

Microblasting is the ideal process for producing high quality surfaces in particular before PVD or CVD coating and also before layer refining (e.g. ion implantation), polishings or preparations of adhesive surfaces which are needed for non adhesive-coatings.

The application of microblasting is nearly unlimited as iepco ag can offer a wide choice of microblasting agents together with the appropriate individual surface technology. Our technology is used in the mould construction, for treatment on plastic and metal moulds etc.

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