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Application area:

  • Polishing, planing, deburring, edge rounding
  • Steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, zinc


  • Absolute reliability:
    Consequent usage of high quality material and prefabricated parts ensures a failure-free operation and a long life expectancy
  • High economic efficiency:
    Low acquisition costs and high possible savings in machining time make an excellent price to output proportion
  • Perfect machining results
  • Series of small machines allow small companies to profit of the technological progress of the time and cost saving process engineering with a low capital expenditure

OTEC Drag-finishing Unit DF-4 Tools

In all application areas with the aim to burr, grind or polish surfaces economically the brand OTEC has established itself - if in industry or in a small factory. The know-how and the products of OTEC are particularly in demand, if a designated machining result has to be achieved in shortest time. This allows costumers to shorten processes of machining and to reduce their manufacturing costs.

Sale and Development

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Service Center

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